Advanced audiovisual and sound system technology is critical for effective presentation and communication in education, business, healthcare, and government. Systems for presentation, video display and sound, speech reinforcement, sound playback, and interactive information, among many others, provide the tools for communication and collaboration in our modern world, and make global interactions seamless with high-resolution videoconferencing and simultaneous interpretation.

Ocsid Technologies Systems Group provides AV consulting and makes these communications a reality by designing audiovisual and sound systems that are easy to use, provide high quality images and intelligible sound, and complement the architecture of a space. Our AV consultants use computer-modeling software to simulate the acoustics of a space, select and place loudspeakers and equipment, and predict the performance of the system. We work closely with the architect to produce drawings based on the project’s AutoCAD or Revit files, and use extensive testing equipment to calibrate the finished systems. Ocsid’s client-focused approach to every project involves systems design, package preparation of drawings and specifications for competitive bidding, and supervision and inspection during the construction phase through to onsite testing.

Ocsid Technologies audio-visual services include:

  • Audio-visual systems design
  • Lighting systems design
  • Technical systems design
  • Sound system design
  • Selection and specification of audio system components
  • Proper integration of technical systems with acoustical environments