Enable your customers to connect with you with serenity along with zero cost!

Our Toll Free Numbers in India provides your potential customers with a convenient way of connecting your business. The service charges are paid by you and thus, you get calls from potential customers which later turns into leads. Toll Free No in India starts with “1800” followed by a seven digit number. They are free when calling from a mobile number but charged when called through a landline.

You can use your TOLL FREE NUMBER to:

Render FREE

Render FREE Phone Support

Provide your customers ease of reaching out to you without any cost and maintain customer satisfaction by rendering free phone support.


Increase Customer Engagement

Enable your customers to engage with you regarding products,services and work closely with them to understand and crater their needs well!


Boost Your Sales

Boost your sales way high by retaining your customers well and enable potential customers to reach out to you whenever they want free of cost.

Generate Leads

Generate Leads & Enquiries

Toll free numbers are a fast paced mediums for generating leads as you can gather the data as they call you up for service enquiries.

Marketing RoI

Increase Marketing RoI

Enhance your marketing campaigns by enabling people reach out to you whenever they generate a query or interest in your products or services.

Corporate Image

Enhance Your Corporate Image

Enhance your corporate image by engaging customers with free reach out services like phone support and stay close to your customers!

Our TOLL FREE service encompasses:


The SI Dashboard

Manage your communication with ease through dynamic dashboard with detailed overview of all features and simplify your analytics!


Lead Management Tool

Manage your leads in an efficient way and make the most out of your lead database conversions!


Round the clock Support

Work round the clock and we’ll ensure there is no lay back. Get 24/7 assistance and grow your business without flaws!

Call Routing

Call Routing & Mapping

Route your calls to target audience and map the approach to develop an efficient marketing strategy to ensure more conversions

Call Recording

Call Recording & Voice Mail

Never miss out to any customer queries and ensure Communication Bridge with dynamic voice mail and call recording feature.


Emails & SMS notifications

Enable your customers to stay updated regarding new products, services and integrations via e-mails and SMS notifications round the clock!