Ocsid Technologies is a pioneering installer and solution provider in building and energy management systems. We provide total solution for commercial, institutional and other various portfolios.

Our professional design and implementation team integrates HVAC, Lighting, CCTV, Fire, Access Control and energy Management Solution with BMS. Security and access systems can instruct HVAC and lighting systems when the building is occupied; fire systems can control lifts; CCTV systems can be used to check fire alarms; heating systems can interact with cooling systems – the list goes on.

Users and occupants feel better, because the system is responding to them more. At the end of the day, the system automatically responds by changing operation as the staff leaves – late workers don’t get colder. Real intelligent control is possible. Better control not only brings happier occupants; energy-savings increase, because energy is used only when needed.

The state-of-the-art solutions are highly efficient, easy to use and provide at most comfort level for users and occupants. Though solutions are cost efficient, the same generates low maintenance and operational costs.Benchmarking the best level of quality standards, Ocsid team assure you cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs.