We are E-mail Dedicated Servers Provider!

Email Creative Service Provider in Bangalore, India.You can configure Your Emai-Id’s and within scheduled task , you can configure your email-id within the service.

To know more Visit Us :info@ocsidtechnologies.com

Ocsid Technologies is the Leading E-Mail Dedicated Servers Provider in the Bangalore , India. If you looking for Speed and Best website Hosting means You can Always Visit us any time.

E-mail Dedicated Server Features:

  • You can configure your E-mail-Id Easily without any Objection.
  • Easy to handle and easy to Refer.
  • It’s Free.
  • Easy to Configure.
  • Speed.
  • Send Reminder and mail and Can Reminder yourself.
  • Send same messages to number of people.

Once you configure your Email Id that will be very easy to handle, If you are looking for the number of the services do not worry we will help you for that.

E-Mail Dedicated Servers will be managed by website hosting service provider is a kind of net website hosting wherein the purchaser leases an entire server no longer shared with each person else. this is more bendy than shared web hosting, as organizations have full manage over the server(s), which include desire of working machine, hardware, etc.