We understand that every digital signage project offers a new set of challenges including: the physical environment, timing and budget constraints, learning different technologies, interactive functionality and designing and maintaining a digital display network.

Working alongside our national dealer and partner networks, Ocsid delivers fully-customized display systems that seamlessly integrate into all your locations and meet any unique business challenge, application or budget. We offer the following services:

Customizing your digital displays

  • Our technology agnostic design experts can provide optional site surveys and CAD drawings to help you create a fully-integrated and customized display system that includes: hardware, software, content, installation and ongoing support
  • We deploy pre-staged, tested and technology agnostic displays ensuring trouble-free installation and operation. Our shipping, onsite logistics and installation expertise has been perfected through years of successful customer installations.
  • Our support helps to safeguard your visual displays and keep them running 24/7/365. You’ll be alerted to any issues in advance and experience quick, easy and immediate response times. We offer you 24/7 remote monitoring of your displays, on-site maintenance service, repairs and parts delivery service.

Ocsid works alongside our national dealer and partner network to provide custom digital signage solutions that are specifically designed, built, deployed and supported for your specific needs. Digital Signage Services, provides complete design, research and implementation of the day-to-day operation of digital signage programs.