ROBOTICS STEM Education campaign is formed with a vision to take practical and experiential learning to all the visionary educational institutions, schools & students across the world; who are willing to enhancetheir existing educational pedagogues with practical learning methodologies. Under this program schools will be introduced to robotics, programming and their academics will be linked to the program in a very systematic manner.:

Benefits of Association to the School

  • School Gets the Robotic Lab infrastructure free of cost.
  • School can advertise the association with Ocsid Technologies in Marketing Activity
  • Helps in inculcating new teaching methodologies like STEM Education
  • Helps inculcating Creative and innovative learning leading to out of the box thinking
  • Helps in teaching of practical applications of the theoretical concepts.
  • Enhancement of teaching technologies.
  • Competitive edge over the Competitors Schools.

Benefits for the Students

  • Process of Learning becomes interesting and exiting
  • Boosts students confidence levels through the practical learning.
  • Builds self thinking and develops analytical and logical skills
  • Allow the students to explore new technologies and current advances in technologies.
  • Helps students to understand programming in a much easier way
  • Enhancement of teaching technologies.
  • Competitive edge over the Competitors Schools.

Interactive Class

We offers a holistic teaching learning experience with every possible instruction and assessment element required by the teacher in class. Be it animation, question Bank, mind maps, worksheets ,unique teaching ideas ,real life applications of concepts, topic summaries, weblinks, diagram makers, simulations and teacher created resources.

Interactive Class Systems enables Teacher to effectively and seamlessly engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate learners with a host of instruction and assessment materials made available to them through an easy to use interface.

Interactive White Boards are an effective way to interact with the digital content and multimedia in a multiperson learning set up.

Here manupilating text and images , making notes with digital ink and saving notes by emailing becomes possible. Writing notes over educational video clips, using presentation tools that are included with the white board software makes learning exiting.